Recently Tracy (one of our regular befrienders)  took Jean to a lady called Violet who Violet knew a long time ago.  Violet and Jean had previously  lived next door but one to each other.

Tracy reported that they all had a nice time reminiscing together.  Tracy bought some cakes, and together the ladies had a nice chat.

 Tracy said that “Violet had some photos to show us.  The photos were of a  family wedding.  We had a nice afternoon”.


Suzanne received an update from Violet about the support that Tracy gives her.

Violet says that “Tracy is like a daughter to me.  She has got such a lovely way about her.  She never worries about anything and I would be proud if she were my daughter.”


I did not realise what it was to be really alone until my husband died.  As a previously married woman, my husband and I would often spend times apart with our friend and following up hobbies but then we would always return home to be together.

Now the house is empty and loneliness is a key feature until I am out and about in the community.

My mother 93 is housebound and lives alone now too.  I really emphasise with her and know that a cup of tea and a chat once a week will really lift her spirit.

Doris, Upminster

“I just want to say that after the initial visits by a very nice caring lady, Suzanne Moen, she has really made a difference to my life. I’m a single retired man with serious health issue., I cannot do any physical tasks, and the support she and her organisation have given to me has really made a huge difference to my life. She has managed to get a gardener for me, who comes once a week to do my garden, has arranged for dog walkers to take my dog out has given me so much good help and advice. She is also busy arranging other tasks that will make a huge difference, and has also helped with other support workers who have all been checked out and have CRB clearance, has arranged a panic button for me, and I cannot speak more highly about the organisation she is involved with. I have made new friends also and really look forward to seeing them and having a chat.”

Jack, Romford